Andersen The Most Accurate Type of Calendar Possible Genève With Perpetuel Secular Calender

Considering the shift between solar and civilian years, a day had to be added once every four years, in order to realign nature and administrative facts. Since Roman Emperor Julius Cesar, we have leap years. Then came a new type of calendar during the 16th century – the Gregorian Calendar – that was even more precise than the previous one. However the actual rotation of the moon and earth still didn’t exactly match, and now one day had to be removed once every 100 years. 

Resuming: every four years we have one extra day on February 29th, and once every 100 years, we don’t add February 29th. The years 1800 or 1900 for example were no leap years, and so will be all the years with 00 at the end. Although this might still be kind of confusing, let’s move on to the swiss classic watch that is equipped with a calendar that does more than a “normal” perpetual calendar. One of the few watches known to feature a Secular Perpetual Calendar is made by one of the founders of the AHCI, mr.

The caseback of the the Swiss Andersen Genève Perpetuel Secular Calender displays the calendar information. Some indications are classic, like the indication of the month or the leap year. However there are some indications that you probably have never seen before. For instance the sub dial that displays the year on a 400-year scale. While that might be a challenge to read, know that the large central hand is there to help “fine-read” the year. This Andersen Genève Perpetual Secular Calender is programmed to the year 2400 with leap years and secular years. This means that you won’t have to adjust the date manually during 400 years. However do consider that it is programmed for the future secular years 2100, 2200, 2300 and 2400 and that’s very impressive!

For that relaxation, the Andersen Genève Perpetuel Secular Calender is definitely an very discreet watch, having a 40mm situation, an extremely slim profile along with a dial that just shows the date like a complication - actually, the only real indication you actually need every day. This is actually the strength of effective watchmakers: creating very complicated systems without showing them off, and keep an ideal daily legibility. This Andersen Genève Perpetuel Secular Calender is really a lesson of the watchmaking industry as well as humbleness. It's a rare bird, as certainly under 100 pieces have have you been manufactured. Finding the first is difficult however, many good examples result on auctions, and a few even offered for any bargain cost. Should you ever locate one, do hesitate, and purchase it. It is among the couple of chances with an almost unique complication, featuring probably the most accurate calendar ever produced.

This year, Andersen Genève will introduce something new that is said to be “a watch that will display the 29th February correctly for leap years for centuries without any setting”. We can imagine that Svend Andersen will introduce his Perpetual Secular Calendar again! Like last year, when he re-introduced a new version of his iconic Worldtimer. However do pay attention, since the announcement also stated that only 20 pieces will be produced.