Armin Strom Manual Cognac Feel You Want To Drink More Than Wear

Independent Swiss watch manufacturer Armin Strom commemorates a new partnership with Wealth Solutions in Poland by creating this unusual watch which has an ultra rare cognac, dating back to 1762, in the dial!  How neat is this!  Armin Strom chief horologist Claude Greisler devised the intriguing concept which incorporates a small sapphire crystal capsule which contains a few drops of the prized 1762 Gautier Cognac.  The cognac, which sold at auction in New York in 2014 for $59,500, is owned by Wealth Solutions of Poland.  Founded in 2007, Wealth Solutions curates and sells exceptional products, such as art, fine wine and spirits, and watches, to Polish collectors and other clients.

When Armin Strom and Wealth Solutions SA forged their agreement, the bottle was opened, decanted and poured into flacons. Armin Strom then proceeded to capture several drops and place them inside a specially designed sapphire crystal flask. The capsule is then incorporated in to the watch. After the bottle was opened and decanted it was poured into flacons and sealed.

After the bottle was opened and decanted it was poured into flacons and sealed until meeting its destiny inside the Armin Strom capsules.The Armin Strom Manual Cognac houses a mechanical 117-part manual-wind movement with five days of power reserve. Together with the mechanical fortitude of the watch and the rarity of the cognac and its sealed flask — this 40-piece limited edition is guaranteed to be a collector’s watch that can go the distance.