The Baume & Mercier Design Method

The tight knit design team at Baume & Mercier includes four creative people brought through the gifted, Alexandre Peraldi who presently supports the position of Design Product Director. Peraldi brings over twenty five years of design experience towards the table. He's devoted 13 years at the outset of his career to Cartier while presently honoring his twelfth anniversary at Baume & Mercier and thru the years, Peraldi always finds the particulars would be the most importance qualities in creating Swiss watches.

iW sitting lower with Peraldi for any detailed discussion around the creative design method and also the heritage of Baume & Mercier, have a minute to look at this video for insight behind the doorways of Baume & Mercier.


At Baume & Mercier, the look team carefully works together with the marketing and also the production team to construct each new collection and meet the requirements from the market. Following a marketing brief, the look vision is converted into 2-D designs. Following several models of edits and several weeks of your time, the best design is met with approval and rapidly moves into to some 3-D prototype. At Baume & Mercier there is a top-notch, in-house 3-D prototype process that is answer to expedite the look process. This task along the way enables aesthetically manage from the size, shape and particulars. Getting a wrist watch to feel around the wrist and identify hurdles or flaws are resolved and also the final watch is decided for production.

“You may not view it however, you can seem to be it.” -Peraldi

Throughout this stage, the development and industrialization from the watch is recognized as and frequently met with hurdles. In the bracelet that's seemly impossible to create or perhaps a particular color leather that's hard to generate, these the situation is seen in an optimistic light as well as an chance to improve the watch as Peraldi describes,

“Sometimes to solve an issue the resolution is frequently a much better perspective or aesthetic.”

This circumstance happens when they collaboration is advantageous. The varied expertise from the teams between design, marketing and production get together to get the best possible solution. Ultimately, these challenges become improvements and frequently the very best feature from the watch.

COMFORT Is Essential

Through the creative process there's a focus put on comfort. Peraldi describes the significance in three different factors comfort around the wrist, comfort around the eyes and luxury around the wallet. Ultimately your watch should feel being an extension individuals and a part of your way of life.

“Comfort causes it to be timeless.” -Peraldi

From Promesse to Clifton and Classima to Capeland, Baume & Mercier collections are happily located on the wrist of numerous frequently a indication of the signifigant moment or personal achievement in existence.