Birthday Gifts For Her---Concord C1 Amethyst in violet

Men size watches for women is really special and it would have another style when the watch on women wrists. Concord lunched a men size watch with femininity. It is the best choice to choose this birthday gift for her. The watch is with distinct and romantic violet color in jewelry. I think she will love it.

Concord is without a doubt a wrist watch brand that's been through lots of phases. Even though they never truly acquired full recognition for his or her achievements, they've made some interesting watches. Possibly most widely known may be the Concord Delirium, an ultra thin watch which was only 1.98 mm thick. It was Concord’s response to the quarta movement revolution plus they did this very effective. The model that stressed the new Concord was the C1.

The C1 isn't for that fainthearted as well as for any men’s watch quite massive 44mm across and almost 17mm thick. When designing the Amethyst version Concord stored original size of the timepiece intact. For a lot of women this watch is going to be quite extra-large, that is inline with current trends, however it could also be not probably the most comfortable watch to put on. 

Even the movement is been stored identical to the one utilized in the initial C1. Concord utilizes a chronometer licensed Valgrange calibre, A07.211. This movement is based on the Valjoux 7750, however with a bigger diameter to support bigger cases such as the C1. Inside the cost range the C1 sells, particularly in this costly Haute Joaillerie version, this movement simply won’t work. Sure, it's a solid movement, however it lacks the refinement that could be expected from the watch having a serious cost the precise cost is unknown, however it’s greater than 150,000 CHF.

With this watch Concord used a white gold or platinum situation set with amethyst. Although amethyst is easily the most popular person in the quarta movement-group for use in jewellery, it isn't frequently utilized on watches. Having a ranking of seven around the Mohs scale it's with enough contentration to resist everyday put on. Possibly larger used in the watch-making industry, is avoided due to its distinct purple color. 

Concord elected for any baguette cutting style for that amethyst. It was a wise move since it amplifies the watch’s bold design having a female touch. There's also almost no area of the watch, that's not set with amethyst. The dial, situation, crown, pushers, folding buckle as well as the two-level bezel and it is indexes are positioned with this particular stone. As a whole 217 amethysts are utilized, it is accumulated to as many as a sensational 13.80 carat.

The final touch about this C1 is really a matching purple strap produced from alligator leather. A little more trendy then your usual rubber straps that is included with most C1 models. The strap is guaranteed towards the situation by two screws, matching the architecture from the situation. The selection for amethyst provides the see a non-traditional allure, but will limit combine options within the wardrobe. Altogether Concord provides an unusual watch out for ladies who like to maintain current trends. Their approach is nearly the complete opposite of, for instance, the elegant and-finish watches by Delaneau, about we reported captured.