Casio’s Ginormous New Rugged Smartwatch Featured By 1.32-inch Dual Layer

A quick note to smartwatch manufacturers: if your product is gigantic, find a gigantic wrist to model it and hopefully make it slightly less gigantic in the process. 

A Smart Outdoor Watch from Casio has arrived, ready to roll in three colors with rugged exteriors and Android Wear inside. This device goes by the name WSD-F10, and a 1.32-inch dual layer display. Much like the Moto 360 Sport, this device has the ability to shine brightly with TFT LCD display technology when you're using it indoors, as well as work in the sunlight with its monochrome LCD.

It is quite large, after all, but, then, the company rugged watches have never been noted for their daintiness. Like the G-Shock before it, the new smartwatch is a thing to behold, owing much of its size to its MIL-STD-810 standards, which ensure that the wearer can dive with the thing and take a tumble or two.

This device is large. It's not meant to be hidden under your sweater sleeve. Much like the G-SHOCK series, this Casio watch was meant to stand out. The watch also sports dual displays - one in full color and a monochrome one that looks better in daylight and helps keep the battery going for a lot longer than the standard smartwatch, because you might not always have access to an outlet in the great outdoors.