Classic Bulova Moon Watch Releases

I love it when watch enthusiasts on a budget have excellent options produced with their needs in mind. The Bulova Moon Watch is an Omega Speedmaster for millennials or anyone who wants a cool historic-looking tool watch. Better yet, the Bulova Moon Watch isn't just trying to be a fashion statement inspired by watches that went to the moon, it is, in fact, directly inspired by an actual Bulova watch that did go to the moon.

Larger than the original and using a high-precision quartz movement, the Bulova Moon Watch of 2016 isn't really a "re-issue" of the late-1960s watch as has been reported, but rather a modern timepiece inspired by the swiss classic watches design. In a roughly 44mm-wide steel case, the Bulova Moon Watch is very attractive in person with a gracefully curved case and distinctive, easy-to-operate chronograph pushers. If the Bulova Moon Watch looks a lot like a Speedmaster, then all you need to do is look at the original and realize that Bulova was really just building the original watch off the specs NASA had indicated for watches meant to travel in space with astronauts.

The 2016 Bulova Moon Watch is a faithful recreation of the style of the original, but in modern materials. The watch also has an AR-coated sapphire crystal and a case that is water resistant to 50 meters. The watch also wears a bit smaller than you'd expect given the size and wide lug structure. Finally, with the Bulova Moon Watch, tool watch-loving enthusiasts with just a few hundred dollars to spend have something very appealing to get.

Inside the Bulova Moon Watch is the proprietary Bulova "High-Performance" 262 kHz quartz chronograph movement. This family of movements was previously known as "UHF" (ultra-high frequency), and has since been renamed, according to Bulova. Originally, these movements debuted in the very well-regarded Bulova Precisionist collection.

Bulova will offer two versions of the Bulova Moon best replica watches. One version comes in a handsome steel three-link metal bracelet that looks excellent. The second is with a textured leather strap. This strap version also comes with a velcro-style "hook and loop" black fabric strap with thick metal hardware and a brown leather patch which has the 262 kHz speed of the quartz movement along with the original Apollo 15 mission date.