Colorful Watches---Rau-Tech Custom Rolex

Colorful Watches

Rau-Tech is a German company that is available within the boutique realm of high-finish watch personalization. Rau-Tech separates these "methods" into two distinct services. The very first services are Rau-Tech Duramantan, that is when you wish entire surfaces covered, and Rau-Tech Colormantan is how they coat only areas of surfaces while departing a few of the base metal uncovered.What a colorful watch.

Duramantan enables for various colors for use, only one color for every entire surface. Colormantan is perfect for the greater creative personalization and enables for a lot more unique masterpieces. As the example pictures of Rolex watch watches using the Colormantan treatment has a tendency to show squared regions of color, the truth is, there's no particular geometric or shape limitations, and also the client can go for pretty much what they need, when we understand Rau-Tech properly.

PVD-style films happen to be restricted to only a couple of dark colors - that are mostly black and grey. Should you wanted metallic watch covered with another color, it might frequently have to be anodized aluminum, that is a rather soft metal and never as durable as steel.

Obviously, you will find ceramic watches that are arriving a growing number of colors, but typically, entire ceramic cases continue to be mostly obtainable in only black or whitened. While more interesting colors of ceramic including blue, brown, red-colored, and orange are gradually becoming available, they are mostly restricted to bezels and also the colors are tough to get right.

Particularly, Rau-Tech jackets can be found in the next colors: black, blue, eco-friendly, aubergine (eggplant crimson), steel (color), bronze (color), and gold (color). Based on Rau-Tech, they're focusing on additional colors, but this can be a very good start. Using these colors, the savvy customizer presently has a whole "new world" of choices to make Rolex watch along with other high-finish watches look interesting or completely strange.

What's the Rau-Tech coating process? Well, the films are a kind of PVD (physical vapor depositing) and therefore are blasted towards the surface of watches inside a special chamber. They need to literally disassemble timepieces and coat each component individually - another element which adds substantially towards the cost. Duramantan covered surfaces are stated actually cover 2000 - 4000 vickers (HV) in hardness, that is much greater than steel. Thus, sturdiness ought to be rather impressive, meaning the color-coating is tough to put on off.

Rolex watch Submariner watches from Rau-Tech start at approximately 13,000 Pounds and can move up to 2,000 Pounds. Custom Rolex watch Daytona and GMT Master II models in gold cases cost about 33,000 - 36,000 Pounds. Greater-finish Rolex watch models in gold with diamonds, like the Rolex watch Pearlmaster with Rau-Tech personalization cost around 45,500 Pounds. Each project is exclusive, which is what Rau-Tech wishes to accomplish using the service.