Cool Watches

Vintage Omega Sea Horse

For the last week I have been sporting a Vintage Omega Seamaster. It's traveled to the top of the Empire State Building and toured Washington, DC (in the rain! ) ) , and never stopped for a rest. In reality, it could have remained on my wrist more if I didn't give it back to it's original owner.

Rado HyperChrome UTC Watch with the plasma high-tech ceramic for Most Enjoyable Travelling

If you are looking for a reliable travelling companion, consider the new Swiss Rado HyperChrome UTC watch. The novelty shows two time zones simultaneously.The case of the new Rado watch boasts the brand’s innovative monobloc construction to guarantee lightness, scratch-resistance and supreme comfort on the wrist.The timepiece is presented in four variations, three of which have a plasma high-tech ceramic case.

Cool Watches---Diesel Grand Daddy with Four Different Chronograph

Sometimes, one watch is not enough. And when you are the kind who needs four different chronographs strapped in your wrist for reasons unknown, the Diesel Grand Daddy will end up being your ideal watch. An extra-large watch, it sports a face with four different chronograph watches onto it. Each one of these could be utilized individually, too, so that you can have each one of these showing different time zones, all while running four stopwatches simultaneously.