Cool Watches---Diesel Grand Daddy with Four Different Chronograph

Sometimes, one watch is not enough. And when you are the kind who needs four different chronographs strapped in your wrist for reasons unknown, the Diesel Grand Daddy will end up being your ideal watch. An extra-large watch, it sports a face with four different chronograph watches onto it. Each one of these could be utilized individually, too, so that you can have each one of these showing different time zones, all while running four stopwatches simultaneously. Here introduce a cool watch with four different chronograph.

Referred to as "large and bold," the Diesel Grand Daddy sports a watch case calculating 73 x 66 x 14 mm, therefore it is quite the big presence strapped around your wrist. It provides a laser-cut crystal covers, pyramid texture dial, a leather band, and all sorts of absurd swag you may expect from an additional large watch with four full chronograph watches located in one case.

Diesel made this exclusive watch for just 1000 people worldwide to demonstrate, therefore, the mighty cost. I have had a feeling only enthusiasts is going to be paying for one of these simple, enthusiasts and those with a love for the odd things in existence. In either case, let us your investment cost for any minute and have a look at exactly what the Diesel Grand Daddy needs to offer.

Its dimensions are 76.5 millimeters across, includes a stainless steel case, along with a mighty leather strap. Evidently you receive 4 different time zones, 4 independent chronographs as well as an iddy biddy date window at 3 o'clock! Around the lower side, the water resistance of 30 meters, but you'd most likely drown wearing it anyway and so I wouldn't permit this to deter you. The case and crowns are manufactured from top quality black ion plated stainless steel, so smooth twists and satisfying clicks can typically be expected in the moving parts.

Who the heck will put on a watch with four different chronograph watches? We are not quite sure. We are speculating serial online daters with female friends in four different continents, obsessive equine racing lovers who choose to time four different horses throughout just one race, or dudes who choose to wreck havoc on individuals who request them what the time is. Just whenever you thought that Diesel couldn’t make its watches any bigger, the Grand Daddy Limited Edition Watch arrives to modify your meaning of an additional-large watch.

Don’t be misled through the title there's nothing old relating to this Grand Daddy. Grand means regal, great, large and important, which are adjectives that affect this black steel masterpiece. At 66mm, the Grand Daddy may be the biggest watch in Diesel’s in-your-face Dad Series. Limited to simply 1,000 pieces, the Grand Daddy features four chronograph movements under an anti-reflective iridescent mineral-crystal face. 

This can be the latest member of the Diesel Time-frame family, however it’s got major style which will put other large watches to shame! The Diesel Grand Daddy can be obtained now, listed at $1,000.