A detailed introduction to Rolex's iconic anniversary


118XXX family launched in 2000, comes with quite a substantial jump in cost for advancement that is much less. You basically get an uprated bracelet and lugs, but need to come up with a few thousand bucks that what you'd pay for a similar example from the prior generation.

Is it worthwhile? That is up to you obviously, and of buying the best that you can 18, the old adage will always be true. But if you baulk at paying the extra and go for the ref. 182XX range, you will be getting a superb gold watch that runs on the Cal. 3155 movement which powers the generation that is newer.

These are the Rolex Presidential's three examples which Celebrate the maximum watch for the money. The model may be the number one option of the world's elite, gracing the wrists of everyone from heads of state and boardroom czars, to celebrated figures in sports, music, and entertainment, but it just demonstrates that you don't have to be one of the one-percent to put on the brand's crowning creation.