Detailed Review With The Triarrows Metropolitan Watch

Triarrows is a watch brand that was formed after three friends came together and decided they wanted to pursue their common dream of creating their own watches. Knowing that quality timepieces are often costly and inaccessible, Triarrows focuses on a design-minded product. The latest watch is the Triarrows Metropolitan Collection, our first mechanical watch. It was important to us to provide a great-looking mechanical watch at an accessible price, so we’re offering it for $240.

A bit about our design team, Chris and Wayne. They wanted to create a watch that offers classic design Swiss Designer Watches Online, quality materials, and a stylish presentation at a price any enthusiast can afford. While a lot of minimalist watches are in fashion right now, we wanted to create a watch that stands out with a large dial showing off the skeletonized movement. In the end, we wanted a modern watch with some traditional design roots, as well.

The Triarrows Metropolitan watch is powered by a Miyota 82S5 movement that contains 21 jewels and provides the wearer with a 40-hour power reserve. Of course, the front view skeleton dial is the star of the show and is definitely the centerpiece of our design concept.

The Triarrows Metropolitan watch case is made with 316L stainless steel, has a sapphire crystal, and comes on a high-quality leather strap. On the dial, we wanted to create a metallic look to reflect the watch’s name of Metropolitan. The steel that builds the cities around us has always been an inspiration to us, and it’s something we really wanted to show off. We think it’s a little art deco as well, don’t you?

On the dial, you’ll see our rotating small seconds disc, inspired by revolving doors in a commercial building. The Triarrows Metropolitan dial is supposed to convey a three dimensional feeling, with a sunray dial and the activity of the skeletonized movement and seconds dial. Along with the Roman numerals on the dial, there’s a lot of activity on the dial but it never feels too busy. Just like a great city.