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Established in 2008, the Glashütte-based watch brand Moritz Grossmann takes the title from probably the most gifted German watch manufacturing company of his age who established their own manufacture in 1854 urged by his friend Ferdinand Adolph Lange. Regrettably his company closed as he died suddenly in 1885.

The new Tefnut, a dress watch that Moritz Grossman presented at Baselworld 2015, clearly expresses the aim of the company: creating precious and stylish watches which mix modern and traditional manufacturing techniques. The title from the product wasn't selected by accident as, within the ancient Egyptian mythology, Tefnut is really a goddess which symbolizes the elegance from the Nubian feline.

The 39 mm situation from the Tefnut is created in rose gold or white gold or platinum and it have a thickness of just 8.5 mm because of the additional slim hands-wound movement (3.45 mm). Fluted crown and tapered lugs boost the elegance from the watch.

The two-level silver dial - argentè for that rose gold situation and charcoal for that white gold or platinum one - is characterized by slightly domed gold hour markers, convex Arabic numbers at 6 and 12 o’clock, two by hand crafted hands in stainless which were produced specifically for this model.

The recently developed the calibre 102.0 May be the littlest and thinnest Moritz Grossmann movement ever developed. Due to the more compact diameter from the balance, the brand new calibre beats in a frequency of 21,600 oscillations each hour. When fully wound, it provides 48 hrs of energy reserve.

Additional features, usual for Moritz Grossmann actions, would be the cantilevered balance cock using the micrometer screw, the elevated chatons using their brown-purple screws, the individually detachable winder module, and also the mass-optimized Grossmann balance.

The ARCAP (copper-nickel-zinc) alloy from the wheels contrasts well from the German-silver movement elements and assures lengthy-term brilliance. All engravings and inscriptions around the 3/5 plate, the 4th-wheel cock, and also the balance cock are engraved manually.

Retail prices from the Moritz Grossmann Tefnut are Euro 22.400 for that rose gold version and Euro 24,400 for that white gold or platinum model.