Fashion Watches

Take On The Blocks Modular Smartwatch Avaliable In A Form Of Future-proofing

Blocks is working with Taiwanese manufacturer Compal to actually produce the watch, and it should take about 6 months to 9 months to actually produce a batch of the hardware, which means if the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the first watches will probably ship in mid-2016.

Younger and more flamboyant distribution line of D&G watches for Men

You can never go wrong with your gift giving choices for men if you decide to go with one of the very impressive minimalist watches for men. There are lots to choose from so you want to take your time in making the right choice. You also want to set a spending range so you can narrow down your choices.

Turbine Toxic Special Edition Watch Of The Double-rotor Watch

In classical art the skull was perceived as a symbol of the past. In the 18th century, it was associated with piracy. In the 1950s, it symbolized certain well-known motorbike fans. Nowadays, many of us perceive the skull as the symbol of danger, and the presence of toxic substances in particular. But it has a whole other meaning in the fashion world - it is adopted as a symbol of freedom. 

Luxury Men’s Watch:the Cartier Tank MC

When you talk luxury and watches,do not forget the Cartier Tank. While other companies like Rolex and Patek Philippe are known for making watches for watch lovers, Cartier is known for making wearable items for the nobility of old, and for those who want to feel a bit regal today. Cartier is a wonderfully managed brand when it comes to keeping that French sense of classic luxury alive, while playing with fantasy and tradition in a sense that continues to feel modern. 

New Device Promises Smart Functions With Your Favourite Watch With The Sensibilities Of The Swiss Watch Industry

The success of the TAG Heuer Connected watch – which sold out its first UK delivery on pre-orders alone – has prompted new conversations about how the mechanical watch industry can meet the challenges of the increasingly popular smart watch.It was a beautiful piece of hardware, but was saddled with an ancient TI OMAP ARM chip and recessed lugs that led to cracked back panels.