Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 L“The Le Corbusier Trilogy”

Based in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the famous watchmaking house that still maintains its own in-house production of high-end movements will soon start selling its new Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 “The Le Corbusier Trilogy” family of watches that pay homage to the world-famous architect and artist Charles-Edouard Jeanneret.

In 2015, Girard-Perregaux revisits the legend of Le Corbusier to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. On an earlier occasion, the brand has protected the rights to replicate Le Corbusier designs in exchange for a contribution to the Fondation Le Corbusier to help restore Villa Le Lac in Corseaux, Switzerland. In addition, Girard-Perregaux supports the Association Maison Blanche and its efforts to preserve and maintain the Maison Jeanneret-Perret in La-Chaux-de-Fonds. Both buildings were built from plans drawn up by Le Corbusier.

The new Girard-Perregaux Swiss Vintage Watch 1945 Le Corbusier 50th Anniversary Edition features a concrete for a dial referencing one of the most famous works of the architect – La Cité radieuse, a housing unit located in Marseille. This is one of the Le Corbusier's major works, and certainly the most important postwar structure. Each of these concrete dials requires careful finishing operations by hand. Three days of careful work are needed to develop a dial of this kind, through a series of operations inducing casting, drying and finishing.

This watchmaking project, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, depicts the Modulor, which is an anthropometric scale of proportions devised by Le Corbusier. The Modulor is based on the height of a man with his arm raised. As the architect describes it, the Modulor is a "range of harmonious measurements to suit the human scale, universally applicable to architecture and to mechanical things".

The design and proportions of the Vintage 1945 also pay tribute to this anthropometric measure. The square, polished case is made from stainless steel, and it measures 36.20 x 35.25 mm. It houses Girard-Perregaux in-house movement GP03300-0078, which beats at a frequency of 28’800 vibrations per hour and promises around 46 hours of power reserve. The movement is assembled from 199 components and 26 jewels, working together to animate hour and minute hands. The movement is partially revealed through the case back, which features a commemorative inscription: 50ème Anniversaire.

The other, more notable thanks to the use of a concrete dial, also reproduces a fragment of the same Modulor drawing with the same “golden ratio” scale on the left and a standing male figure on the right side of the display.

irard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Le Corbusier 50th Anniversary Edition, reference number 25880-11-1536BB6A, is available in 50-piece limited edition. This classically elegant timepiece is water resistant to 50 meters and it comes on a black alligator strap with folding clasp.