Introducing The Clean And Typical Corniche Heritage 40 Dresswatch

When there is a new watch brand around the Mens Dress Watch corner, we are always interested to have a look at it. Although we all feel the market is flooded by the number of watch brands, in some segments there is room for new brands. 

The Heritage 40 is – as the name suggests – sized at 40mm, a perfect size for almost all men out there. There is also a Heritage 36 addressed at women, but if you really can’t handle the 40 that might be an option as well.

The polished Corniche Heritage 40 model wouldn’t look bad on either the wrist of a local or a tourist of the Cote. The watch will blend in perfectly in its environment of little boutiques, small market places with local fruits, sandy beaches, pine trees and the rocky coast line. I have the stainless steel version right here in this article, but Corniche also made a rose gold plated model which might look even better in those surroundings.

Ceramic has been used for the dial and it is applied with polished markers in the same tone as the case itself. Beautiful blue leaf shaped hands indicate only hours and minutes. The brand name and model name is on the dial, but to be honest, they could have dropped the ’40’ from Heritage 40 on the dial. I know it is the official model name, but I’d prefer without.

Of course, the Corniche Heritage Watch has a sapphire crystal to protect the dial. I rarely see mineral crystals being used these days anymore, even on cheaper watches. Some companies have their own material, but mineral crystals are getting scarce. The Heritage comes on a calf leather strap, with croco grain and is attached to a butterfly-style clasp.