The Jewellery effect Of Delicate Omega Jewellery Watch

Style is individual. It signifies you. It informs your story while offering a canvas on which you'll create, interpret, share and evolve. For every one of us, our preferences for style are very different. However the one factor that unites all of us is the requirement for individuals precious bits of jewelry that may complete our preferred look.

Finding the perfect jewellery can involve a lifetime of searching. Pieces can appear in the most unexpected places or stand out in a boutique full of dazzling options. One thing is certain, every woman loves to be on the lookout. Swiss Omega mixing and matching, and the discovery of exquisite rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

For OMEGA, the key to fine jewellery lies in harmony. The ladies watch making has already gained a global reputation for flowing lines, precious materials and iconic touches. In jewellery, Omega are able to extend that passion and offer a collection that exists in sensuous balance with our watches.

By transferring the well-known design features of our timepieces, such as waves or claws, we allow women to immerse themselves further into the OMEGA brand, choosing jewellery that will extend out from the wrist and bring an entire outfit together.

OMEGA Prestige “Dewdrop”, is aimed to capture that same feeling of nature. And it’s something you notice as soon as you attach it to your wrist. The 5-link bracelet, made up of individual 18K red gold dewdrops, is not only mesmerising, but also a treat for your sense of touch.

On the dial itself, life flourishes. Combining the same 18K red gold with white mother-of-pearl, OMEGA has let creation fly with a captivating butterfly pattern that floats between the diamond indexes. What better way to invigorate the romance and femininity of the De Ville collection?

With its golden tones and connections to our natural world, the OMEGA Prestige “Dewdrop” is a timepiece that delivers tranquillity and peace. It is also abundant in beauty – the perfect mix to melt through the chill of this winter.