German Watches---NIVREL Edition Replique Collection

Here introduce a german watch. The Edition Replique engages using the history of the trademark. With the watches, we're getting historic NIVREL models to existence! Already in 1994, Acid reflux Hofer presented the reference N 515.001, a homage for an old NIVREL chronograph in the nineteen forties. The 'new' watch was outfitted having a special movement: The Lemania 1873 chronograph movement with manual winding. The timepiece was restricted to 100 pieces and offered out quickly.

Gents Watches---Hublot Classic Fusion Aero Chrono "Selfridges"

A salutary sight finally month's Baselworld was the figure of Jean-Claude Biver, leader from the LVMH watch division, constantly shuttling between your three large stands that mark the doorway towards the annual watch and jewelry fair.It's a great gents watch.

Even though the crowds collected to listen to the legendary watch guy announce a collaboration between TAG Heuer, Google and Apple to produce the very first serious response in the Swiss watch industry towards the Apple Watch, over the seem-deadening carpet at Hublot, believe it or not attention had been compensated towards the tenth anniverary of some other, similarly troublesome "Biver moment": the appearance from the Big Bang.

Fashion Watches---Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph 100

A patented chronograph function allows the Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph 100 to carry out a task that’s rarely accomplished by mechanical watches: it may measure passed times towards the nearest 100th of the second. To do this, the timepiece depends on the Montblanc Manufacture’s nearly century-old competence for calculating times towards the nearest 100th of the second. Subsequent versions were outfitted having a chronograph hands that needs only one second to accomplish a complete 360°circuit from the dial. Precisely this principle works for the Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph 100 using its recently developed manufacture calibre Megabytes M66.25. It is really a fashion watch.

Minimalist Watches---Seven Minimalist Wrist Watches

There's really no requirement for time shackled by your wrist, when all you might ever need on the go is packed right into a little wise device. However, if you wish to create a bold fashion statement, there's not a way around a dapper time-piece. Those of course doesn’t mean you need to choose a chunky gold and gemstone encrusted Rolex watch. We are saying: Less is much more, which especially describes our selection of timepieces. Here introduce seven Minimalist Watches for your reference.

Mechanical Watches---Swatch Sistem51 Mechanical Watch

I've got a soft place for mechanical watches, and that's why the so-known as Sistem51 (Piece of fabric calls it the shouty SISTEM51) is really near and dear to me. It's, in a nutshell, probably the most interesting developments in mass-market micro mechanics because the invention from the quarta movement Timex. It's a mixture of awesome high-tech and absurd, Tamagotchi-like old tech, and it is interesting it hasn’t been covered more.