Gents Watches---Ulysse Nardin Imperial Blue

Here introduce a gents watch. A great watch from Ulysse Nardin. While Grande Sonnerie wrist watches today would be the exclusive domain of some half-dozen exclusive manufactures, the invention of the function goes back, paradoxically, towards the roots of the watchmaking industry. In around 1300, a hundred years before most dials and hands appeared, the very first monumental clocks specified for to "seem" time, so they may be been told by a distance or during the night.

Fashion Watches---Three Chanel J12 Watches

Here introduce a fashion watch.The famous brand Chanel.Released in 2000, the J12 was the very first watch to dare changing high-tech ceramic right into a precious material. First of all in radiant black as well as in 2003, in immaculate whitened, the amount 12 becomes area of the House's symbolic amounts.