Presenting Nomos Tetra Square Watches

Nomos Glasshutte Tetra Square Watches

According to the German watchmaker Nomos, their watches are unisex, however that description is possibly most fitting towards the Nomos Tetra collection. The Nomos Tetra’s square 29.5mm case is 6.3mm thick and fits well on arms of numerous dimensions. Whenever a lady having a six inch wrist puts it on, it requires up a lot of the wrist and almost appears like a sports watch. On the slender man’s wrist, it requires up a smaller amount space and also the tone from the watch is a lot more formal.

Introducing the Brand New Corum Heritage Ingot Watch

Corum Heritage Ingot Dial

Corum, the brand that was formally established in 1955 by Gaston Reis and the nephew Rene Bannwart, maintained for their daring designs. Despite the fact that these were unafraid to test out complicated micro-mechanics it had been their nonconforming appearance which acquired them prestige.

Presenting the Piaget Altiplano 38mm 900P

Piaget Altiplano 38mm 900P

For over half a century, Piaget reigns within the ultra-thin world. The 9P, introduced in 1957, continues to be a reference within the the watchmaking industry niche for being one of the first ultra-thin caliber ever. Out of this date, many rivals attempted to achieve exactly the same degree of expertise: Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, among others. Actually, there is just one manufacture in a position to break Piaget’s record: Piaget itself. Please welcome the Piaget Altiplano 38mm 900P, the world’s slimest mechanical watch.

Valerii Danevych and His Amazing Wood Watches

Valerii Danevych Retrograde Tourbillon

Have you ever heard of Valerii Danevych and his wooden watches? Valerii Danevych, 46 years of age and born in Kiev, Ukraine, develops mechanical clocks and watches with as numerous wooden parts as you possibly can. Nowadays a master in joinery, the skill of woodworking literally including joining together bits of wood to create complex products, he built his first clock in 2005 with no horological background. Valerii has generated numerous clocks, watches and pencils to date, which several were displayed in the AHCI booth throughout Baselworld 2014.