Will The Designer Watches Be Replaced by The Apple Watches

Apple Watch

Smartwatch again! Recently, Apple has release its “Apple Watch.” It must be a really exciting news to the Apple fanatics. As the Apple smartwatches look so functional and they seem to be really useful for the daily use. The Apple company is really a hit these years, we can see that almost everyone in the street taking an Iphone. Some people began to worry about that will this Apple Watch affect the sales of the traditional designer watches, or even replace them. It seems to be a crisis to the traditional watches.

A German Watch, Glashutte Original Senator Chronometer

Glashutte Original Senator Chronometer

People all know Swiss watches, for their good design and great workmanship. However, not many people know much about the German watches. Indeed, the German watches has a long history than the Swiss watches. The first pocket watch made from Germany can date back to the 1530. In 1845 the first watch manufacture company was found in the town named Glashutte. This is really a town that is famous for its watches. 

And here I would like to present you a German watch from the German company Glashutte Original.

The Unusual Face Timers From Mr. Jones Watches

Unusual watch

Many people love watches, as watches stand for one’s status. A watch can make you look smart or elegant, different types of watches show different results, so it’s really important to choose a watch. However, my personal point of view is that we should choose the watches that we like. Rather than the swiss watches with the classic look, I really love the watches with the weird look. Haha, I’m weird too!

Fashion Choose - Armani Exchange Watches Review

Armani Fashion Watches

Armani Exchange is part of the Armani line which was released within the U . s . States in 1991 like a brand centered on a more youthful crowd. The road is mainly recognized for their provocative advertisements and it was inspired by contemporary dance music along with a street-chic lifestyle. The road is called AX, which you'll notice somewhere on most of the items within this line.

Let Me Tell You - Why Choose Victorinox Swiss Army Watches

victorinox swiss army watches

“Swiss Army” is nearly a clich. The title has such muddy ubiquity it's similar to Kleenex or Band-Aid. Victorinox, however, is among the firms that can claim true Swiss Military pedigree, dating back its days like a pocketknife supplier towards the All downhill nation’s military. A couple of years back, Victorinox attempted to distinguish itself through rebranding, placing its company title in the forefront. Comparable time, the organization began creating fine mechanical watches to enhance their assortment of sturdy quartz movement amounts.