Three German-made watches worth buying-superb craftsmanship

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In my younger days, I invested some time in Germany's Berlin. When I wasn't being a Hertha Berlin ultra (I'm well hard, me) or retracing David Bowie's steps while he was in town in the 1970s recording his Berlin trilogy (Trust me, it wasn't too exciting or as romantic as it seems ), I spent some time studying the German language. To my eternal shame none of it's stuck.

The Best Fitness Watches On The Market Today For Every Budget And Every Need

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Fitness watches have become a significant weapon in the arsenal of anyone who would like to keep their game tight. In addition to supplying you invaluable biofeedback, the best ones also allow you to keep the rest of your life associated and organized all on your wrist. This is the future we were all promised by cartoons.

James Bond's most groundbreaking watch was hidden in plain sight review

Conversations about James Bond's watches have a tendency to flip on Omega, Rolex and, if you're in the business of an aficionado, Seiko. However, among the most essential timepieces ever worn by 007 was not manufactured by some of these brands and, as a result of its short amount of screentime, could virtually be overlooked entirely. It can be seen on the wrist of Roger Moore only after the title sequence of Live And Let Die, though Bond only wears it for approximately four minutes.

Bulova 96k101 Special Edition Chronograph


Bulova watches are famous for being stylish, precise, and durable. Founded in 1875, Bulova was created in New York. Here, innovation was made by the watch brand that was American after innovation in the world of watchmaking.

Bulova watches are known for revolutions. The most notable of which will be that the Accutron watch, a combination of'true' and'digital'. Bulova introduced the first line of the watches of men during WWI.

This watch is everyone's dream


This Breitling Bentley watch is the dream of every man. It is ideal for one who cruises and travels beyond spaces. Each explorer will love its flexibility and fashion. The Breitling Bentley Barnato Chronograph has a 42mm stainless steel case and also a choice of either black leather or rubber strap. Its gunmetal hands and diamond-set index hour markers stand out. While the luminescent hands make reading easier . It's every Bentley enthusiast's timepiece of choice.