Interpreting the charm of modern men, tasting the Omega Constellation series Zunba watches

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The Omega Constellation Series Zunba watch was launched in 2015. The exterior design was inspired by Omega's early Constellation series, which reproduces the classic historical mens mechanical watches. As the world's first chronometer, Zunba watches have set a new standard in the watchmaking industry. They are accurate, reliable, anti-magnetic and anti-vibration. With outstanding performance, they occupy a unique position in the watchmaking industry.

What are the influences on the error of hamilton-mechanical meter?

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What are the influences on the error of mechanical meter? The large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will affect the error of mechanical men meter. The main reason is that the oil in the movement of the mechanical watch is affected by the temperature, which will solidify or be very lubricating. Therefore, in winter, the general error of the mechanical watch will slow down when the outdoor temperature is low for a long time.

According to different standards, watches can be divided into many different types.

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Watch selection

If you want to wear a watch correctly, you must first understand the watch and be good at choosing a watch. When choosing a watch, you should always pay attention to the five aspects of its type, shape, color, pattern and function.

Does the minimalist mechanical watch give a sense of the future?

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The minimalist mechanical mens watch gives a sense of the future. Its design concept mainly comes from Japan, and its main focus is simplicity and technology. In addition to the hour hand, scale and solid color dial strap, this mechanical sports watch can hardly see the extra design, suitable for boys who like science fiction and minimalism. Select the strap material.