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Seiko is broadly known not only for their innovations but also for their commitment to sustainability. For this day, they continue to find ways to lower the usage of watch batteries since these can cause a great deal of environmental injury. Case in point: the Seiko Astron and the Seiko Kinetic watches, that do not require changing batteries at all, are among the newest iconic versions. In the following guide, we will shine the spotlight on Seiko Kinetic Watches.

The Seiko Kinetic might seem new to you since it is one of the very popular Seiko versions. But did you know that the first-ever Seiko Kinetic timepiece was released back in 1988? Prior to the launch, the Japanese manufacturer unveiled its prototype throughout the BaselWorld Fair in 1986. During this time, it was still called the'AGM' because its trial name. It was then renamed'AGS' before it was finally rebranded as the Seiko Kinetic in 1991.

It was a landmark for Seiko since the motion was one of some kind. Simply put, the watch takes the best parts of the quartz and automatic movements and joins them together. It uses an electrical charge to power the watch such as a quartz watches. But unlike the latter, the electric charge should come in the movement of the wearer, which is quite similar to an automatic watch. The Seiko Kinetic gets electricity from the movement of the wearer. Therefore, what makes it different from an automatic watch? One big difference is the way the movement forces the watch.


To expound, the wearer's movement in automatic watches induces a rotor to spin. This then turns into energy that drains the spring. But in the case of the Seiko Kinetic, the movement charges a capacitor or a quartz crystal. One minor drawback is that this capacitor has to be replaced every couple of decades. The consolation is that it should provide you almost a decade of use before you want to replace it.

The Seiko Kinetic range has expanded ever since its introduction in the'80s. Here are the different types of Seiko Kinetic models and their characteristics. Kinetic moves generally cannot be hand-wound. However, the Kinetic Direct Drive makes this potential. In fact, it is that movement's unique feature. The drawback is that it's much less power reserve compared to another Kinetic models. While some may supply up to six months of juicethe Kinetic Direct Drive can only supply one month.

Kinetic Chronograph: The naming convention is confusing, but you need to be aware that the Kinetic Chronograph is an improved variant of the Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph. Instead of merely a one-month power reserve, this you can force the watch for up to five weeks.

Best Seiko Kinetic Watches Value Checking Out"If you want to venture from quartz and automatic watches, the Seiko Kinetic line is a fantastic place to get started. Listed below are a few models that you ought to keep an eye on.