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Introducing The Typical,Technical And Comfortable McDowell Time DelRay Watch

This traditional McDowell Time DelRay Watch was born from the design cues of early WWI trench watches. Trench watches traditionally have a smooth, round case with tiny wire lugs attached. By today’s standards, the numbers on a vintage trench watch are quite oversized, to provide maximum visibility for the wearer. The newest McDowell Time DelRay incorporates these features, but in a more modern approach. The case with its rounded features and wire lugs is a direct homage to years past.

Girard-Perregaux debuts 225th Anniversary Celebration Timepieces

Swiss high watchmaker Swiss Girard-Perregaux Watch is celebrating 225 years of history with exceptional limited editions, anniversary versions of iconic collections, and sublime exclusive timepieces. Here are three. 

1.Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye Tourbillon

The history of Reef Tiger

Reef Tiger Watches

In 1898, the Swiss Confederation was born, and the automatic watches manufacturing industry was still in the ascendant. Stephane Reef, who loved the technique of horologes, started to work in watches-setting and found his own factory in Geneva. By virtue of the remarkable technique and fashionable and beautiful appearance design, Stephane Reef and his factory soon become very popular.

The Watch List: Five High-Stakes Poker Pros and Their Luxury Watches

Cartier Watches

To most, spending five figures on a watch is unthinkable but for some high-stakes poker professionals it's an investment they can wear on their wrist.

Noah Schwartz, Bryn Kenney, Eugene Katchalov, Doug Polk and John Racener have combined live tournament earnings of $32 million. The watches they were wearing when we spoke to them have a combined value of $116,000.

We wanted to find out what kind of watches they were and why these pros love them.

The answers were interesting and the price tags were astonishing.

Bryn Kenney