Presenting The New, Comfortable And Perfectly Designed Bert Buijsrogge Pinion Pure Collection

In general I can say that these awesome Pinion watches have a very high standard when it comes to finishing of the case, dial, hour markers, hands etc. It needs to be seen in the flesh though, perhaps even tried on and observed with a loupe to recognize and adore the craftsmanship in Pinion watches. Something not everyone is willing to do, acknowledged, but once you do take the time and effort, you will see how perfect the dial and hands are for example.

Today, Pinion announces their new appreciated Pure watch collection. Pure, since the movements in these watches are hand-wound. This slow-ticking movement was initially designed for pocket watches, but has been used by many watch brands with a relatively large case.

There are four new models added to the collection, consisting of the Pure GG and three Pure Pro models. The Pinion Pure GG has the exact same dial as the 2014 collection, but a brushed steel case treated with DLC and a satin finished hunter green dial.

With full assembly of the Swiss Designer Watches Online undertaken in England, as a finishing touch each PURE will be presented in a handcrafted solid wooden box finished in a beautiful high gloss piano black with polished chrome-plated hardware and soft blue inner lining. Also, all of the delightful Pinion Pure models come with a new bezel. This stepped superdome bezel was also on the limited edition Pinion R1969 chronograph and Axis II collection and now made it to the Pure collection as well.