Presenting The New Swatch Sistem51 Irony Watch

When Swatch released the Sistem51 in 2013, it was a revolution in mechanical watch technology. Its movement consisted of just 51 component parts, and was assembled entirely by machines—the first watch to be made in such a manner. The movement was made mostly of plastic, and the watch was available at an unheard-of low price for a Swiss-made mechanical watch, retailing at just $150. Perhaps most surprisingly, it also proved to be popular among dedicated Swiss Designer Watches Online aficionados.

For 2016, Swatch has knocked things up a notch and released a steel version of their surprise hit with the Sistem51 Irony. Where some might not have taken to the plastic case of the first incarnation of the Sistem51, the stainless steel cases of this new range adds a more serious, everyday watch quality. The watch also comes with a variety of colourful dials, from the more staid and classical, to vibrant blue—so there’s plenty of choice available.

The calling card of the watch, its innovative movement, is the same as before, comprising just 51 pieces that form five modules—all anchored to one central screw. The movement parts are made from both plastic and a material Swatch have dubbed ARCAP—a copper, nickel, and zinc alloy that has antimagnetic qualities. It is specifically constructed so as to be robust enough to maintain good time without being serviced, the implication being that you simply replace your watch when its performance deteriorates. Automatically winding, the movement beats at 21,600 vph and has a 90 hour power reserve.

As with the plastic Sistem51, the Irony is incredibly affordable, with the most expensive watch in the range coming in at under $250. Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit—the Sistem51 is a genuine watchmaking innovation on the part of Swatch.