Single Hand Watch---Meister Singer Single Hand watch Collection

First watches had just one pointer. A good example within this context may be the sundial or even the shapely, which represent easy and primordial types of time measurement. Meister Singer watches is modelled on a single principle. Early watches were calculating instruments - as speedometers continue to be today. Because it is generally recognized that calculating instruments only have a pointer, exactly the same should affect a watch that is a chronometer or perhaps a time calculating device.

The hierarchy of markers helps make the watches really readable. The bold indexes are hour markers. The 30 minutes and quarter hour indexes become progressively thinner, and also the remaining markers are extremely thin. The marker hierarchy is similar to a millimeter scale. The prominent needle pointer and leading zeros complete the feel of a calculating instrument that provides you a sense of déjà vu, as the watch appears oddly familiar.

Technically sophisticated, aesthetically reduced. Only is a typical Meister Singer. Even when the hour hand is really a wheel .Every 60 Minutes, it provides a "click". After 60 Minutes the hour indicator of the Salthora at 12 o'clock advances to another hour. But you know that after you have heard the press, without needing to glance lower.

Here, telling time continues to be an art: The real classic, No.01 with hand-wound movement. Not just connoisseurs and enthusiasts of single-hand watches recognized it, but the knowing sections of the famous German design institutions, Red Us dot Design and also the iF Design Award. We thank them and acknowledge: Professionals have taste. Those who only basically look into the watch should stop for a closer inspection underneath the case back. 

The way you can take in the Unitas pocket-watch movement. With blued screws and Geneva stripes. The No.02 gives watch enthusiasts a look inside its greatest inner workings. What is the best way to reward this reliability? The easiest way is by using regular winding of the Unitas movement.

The automatic movement of the No.03 creates energy in the rhythm of the movements, and thus instantly pulls you into its spell. This produces exactly the same tranquility as other single-hand watches. However it needs more exercise. Finally, its Swiss automatic movement reloads simply by itself. The Pangaea pairs unpretentious elegance using the soothing pace of merely one-hand watch. Using its simple elegance, the Pangaea fits any special occasion. And, because of its flat case, it tucks inside every shirt sleeve.