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As an office worker who has been working for 5 years, he has long been accustomed to wearing exquisite and fashionable ladies watches to make him feel more urbanized and look more mature and stable. But in recent years, smart watches have become more and more popular, and certain sleep monitoring and exercise modes have also excited me. The only hesitation is the value of the face.

Smart Watches---Basis Peak and Pebble smart watch

The infamous calculator watch has been available since the seventies, but smart watches have recently arrived at the reality that they are, well, wise. Now that we have had our lengthy-looked forward to first consider the Apple Watch, the smart watch is no more an adjunct connected mainly with tech nerds.

Will The Designer Watches Be Replaced by The Apple Watches

Apple Watch

Smartwatch again! Recently, Apple has release its “Apple Watch.” It must be a really exciting news to the Apple fanatics. As the Apple smartwatches look so functional and they seem to be really useful for the daily use. The Apple company is really a hit these years, we can see that almost everyone in the street taking an Iphone. Some people began to worry about that will this Apple Watch affect the sales of the traditional designer watches, or even replace them. It seems to be a crisis to the traditional watches.