Square Watches

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Palmero Open Watch

I fell in love with this watch the second I put it on my wrist. Images formed in my head of how I could dash out with it undetected by Jaeger-LeCoultre's watchful eyes. It takes a really nice watch to conjure up images of grand larceny in your head. I let them keep the timepiece, but thoughts of it stayed in my mind. I really need to own one of these someday. Before you is the Palmero Open version of the Reverso Squadra watch. There are other versions of the piece of course that aren't limited editions like this (gold is limited to 500 pieces, while the steel is not limited).

Inside The Manufacture A Two-Day Visit To Chopard

Chopard Watches

Chopard is one of the few brands out there that can boast both being independent and having a storied history, but many watch enthusiasts don't realize that Chopard is producing truly in-house movements to an extremely high level in the hills of Fleurier while also making its own cases and smelting its own gold back in Geneva. There are actually three facilities across Switzerland that make up the Chopard manufacture family and here we take you on a tour through all three.

Square Watches---Three Square Watches

Should you have a look using your watch storage you'll most likely watch a couple of trends. Plenty of black dials, maybe, or several divers you may be keen on chronographs or vintage watches. One trend that may not be apparent immediately is round watch cases. The majority of us using more than a couple of watches within our collection will most likely notice deficiencies in alternative watch situation shapes.Here are three square watches:

Square Watches---Five Square Watches

Huey Lewis and also the News had it right as soon as they declared it “Hip To Be A Square.” Although square and rectangular watches will always be within the minority in comparison for their round cousins, their appeal endures. The form is both modern and pleasingly retro, at the same time classic and contemporary. Consider using a square watch if you are looking for something slightly unusual but nonetheless versatile and wearable. Five in our favourites are below.

Presenting Nomos Tetra Square Watches

Nomos Glasshutte Tetra Square Watches

According to the German watchmaker Nomos, their watches are unisex, however that description is possibly most fitting towards the Nomos Tetra collection. The Nomos Tetra’s square 29.5mm case is 6.3mm thick and fits well on arms of numerous dimensions. Whenever a lady having a six inch wrist puts it on, it requires up a lot of the wrist and almost appears like a sports watch. On the slender man’s wrist, it requires up a smaller amount space and also the tone from the watch is a lot more formal.