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Gents Watches---Timex intelligent Quartz Fly-back Chronograph

Timex Group B.V. is a of the best-known American watch companies. Timex's U.S. headquarters are situated in Middlebury Connecticut and contains substantial procedures in China, the Philippines and India and full scale sales companies in Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Mexico.

Eco Friendly Watches---Citizen Endeavor Watch

It is a terrific way to make an optimistic difference for that atmosphere is to find products created using green technologies and organic items, for example eco-friendly watches. As people search for methods to embrace a green lifestyle, designers are reacting by creating stylish watches using green techniques and materials.

Dive Watch---Invicta 52mm Russian Diver Watch

Invicta’s Russian Diver collection is the most identifiable series of the watch manufacturing company. Probably the most prominent traits of the Russian Diver collection are its large size, and much more, its distinctive crown having a cap protector along with a chain. The lineage was initially manufactured like a tribute towards the watch which was made when needed of the Russian Naval Fleet, in the finish of the nineteen fifties, consider then, it developed in lots of forms. 

Conversation Starters Watches---10 Watches That Will Start a Conversation

Watches tell us a lot more than simply time. From inspired designs and mystifying shows to unique materials and sophisticated movements, our selection offers endless methods to spark up a discussion about what's in your wrist. Seduce your date, spice up a lame happy hour or perhaps redeem yourself following a faux pas: Express your personality having a watch that demands to become observed or that begs the issue, what's track of that veritable gallery of kinetic sculpture shackled by your arm?

Classic Watch---IWC Portuguese Chronograph Watch with classic blue

The tradition behind this type of watches goes completely to the truth maritime instruments utilized by seafarers to uncover the planet. Thus, the truth timing was as vital as navigation abilities towards the Portuguese seafarers which traditional group of nautically inspired instruments could be incomplete with no chronograph that records occasions for a precision of one-quarter of the second. This Portuguese signifies an ideal combination of highly viability for daily wearing and also the timeless elegance. Simultaneously, it brings a superb design having a sporty note.