Take A Look At The ARTYA Butterfly Delicacy Tourbillon Watch

In 2012, ArtyA’s CEO and designer YvanArpa created the Son of Earth collection – and endowed it with the most beautiful and living things the Earth has to offer. One of the first designs in the line was the Butterfly. In January 2016 YvanArpa created ArtyA Complications.

Now, ArtyA brings some change and combines his butterfly dials, with one of watchmaking’s most traditional complications, its own high end flying tourbillion: Butterfly Delicacy Tourbillon 1/1.

ArtyA’s dial artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka offers a new creative take each time; for this magnificent watch, the result is a high-flying artistic composition – featuring a whole real little butterfly. These miniature works of art draw your gaze into a dream world in which beauty reigns supreme.

These Tourbillon watches don’t simply reproduce the design, style and colour of a butterfly. Under the strict control of the relevant authorities, and with their full consent, since 2010 artist D. Arpa-Cirpka successfully incorporated genuine butterfly wings within the dial. All of ArtyA’s DNA is distilled in these timepieces: unique, tailor-made watches that are highly creative – and completely unprecedented in the field of watchmaking.