Take A Look At The McGonigle’s Tuscar Bánú With White Gold Watch

Making two Swiss Designer Watches Online announcements within a couple of months is hyperactivity by the standards of the ultra-independents. Is something up in Athlone?

Thankfully the new announcement, which follows the Ceol Minute Repeater, relates only to a white gold version of the existing Tuscar Bánú, the first twenty of which were made in rose gold.

Named after the Tuskar Rock lighthouse that rises out of the Irish Sea a dozen miles off Carnsore Point (Ireland’s most south-easterly point) and the Gaelic word Bánú, which means dawn, the watch is the McGonigle Watch brothers’ simplest watch at least in terms of bare technical specs. Given that it carries a Swiss Franc price of 52,800, you would be right to suspect there’s a little more to this than being a handsome time only watch.

There’s nothing outlandish in terms of conception to make the watch notable, save that the movement is up-side down (allowing the balance to be seen from the dial side and the base plate to act as a canvas for the engraving); it’s rather that the finish and execution are both of a flawless standard.

It’s relatively slow-beat at 2.5Hz and has both a generously large, free-sprung balance wheel (12.8mm) over which sits an overcoil spring. The gold escape wheel and wolf’s teeth on the gear-wheels are out of the ordinary though.

The execution is something else. Even the wolf’s teeth reflect the point of the Tuscar Bánú in that they require near perfect finish to even function. From the polished tips of the hands to the perfectly slotted screws and the graining on the balance bridge, the watch is a purist’s delight.