Take A Look At The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Table Ronde Watch

The base watch is the 45mm wide version (EX45) of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur in 18k pink gold. Inside is an in-house made caliber RD822 automatic movement. There is likely an exhibition caseback. The dial of the watch is peculiar, but it does have historical symbolism. The "table" is a hand-painted enamel reproduction of an actual table that hangs in Winchester, England. The table was commissioned by King Henry VIII in the 16th century. Of course the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is much older than that - going back at least a few hundred years earlier. In fact, the table upon which this painting is based is said to be from the mid 13th century.

The table is rather interesting looking and pretty. Though it does also look like a royal dartboard. The middle is a red rose, which of course symbolizes British royalty. I do wonder why Roger Dubuis decided to remove that hip painting of King Arthur holding Excalibur? That would have made a lot of sense for the watch. If that image is reproduced on the rear of the watch in some fashion I would probably have a little bit of a medieval myth loving nerdgasm. Note how on the dial each of the gold knights places his sword on the table in a slightly different way in order for the golden diorama to look more life-like. I friggin' love that Swiss attention to detail. Oh, and yes I know the hands are too short - but that is just sort of a necessity given the figurines. Roger Dubuis' Excalibur Table Ronde watch will be limited to 88 pieces, and if you get one I am sure Roger Dubuis will personally attach the knightly "Sir" prefix to your name each time they call you. If you wear one it also gives + 2 to swords, + 5 to constitution, - 2 to stealth, and a 15% chance to cause "horological envy" in your opponent.