Take A Look At The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 Ref. 79540 Watch

Basically, this Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 watch takes the recipe of last year’s 36mm and adapts it in the classical masculine Tudor case, meaning 41mm. This watch has a slightly different taste than the usual Black Bay. The lack of the rotating bezel actually sets the watch in a different category. No more tool, not yet dress watch… it is the perfect definition of a casual, elegant sports watch. No useless features, just the essential, but yet a great presence on the wrist, already in 36mm. This year, the increased size brings the concept to men.

With this Swiss Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 ref. 79540, we have basically the look and feel of the Black Bay, still with a different taste. While the hands and indexes are equal to the diver models, meaning the combination of dots, batons and triangle, combined with the iconic snowflake hands, the dial is different. First of all, it is flat. Then, main change: it is glossy, meaning that the watch acts totally differently in the light: it shines, it reflects light, it plays with reflections… It has a different feel on the wrist, just because of this glossy color. More elegant, a bit more visible, more adapted to a casual chic attire.

Now, there’s the case. The flat and polished bezel also changes the perception of the watch, the proportions and the way it wears, as the watch feels less compact – the diameter of the dial is larger than a classical Black Bay Diver. This makes the Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 ref. 79540 more understated. Then, because of the absence of rotating bezel and the slightly decreased water resistance (150m vs. 200m), the watch is slimmer, which befits the concept behind this watch.

The rest of the case in this Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch remains identical to the rest of the collection, with superb details (polished bevels on the lugs, polished and brushed surfaces, oversized crown) and overall impressive construction quality.

Inside the case, no manufacture movement but still the good old 2824-based calibre. This is explained by a wish to keep this watch, wether 36mm or 41mm, as an entry-level offer in the Black Bay collection. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 ref. 79540 will be available in two versions: on leather strap (CHF 2,500) on steel bracelet (CHF 2,800). Both are delivered with a camo-style textile strap.