Tourbillon Watches

Hands-On With Graff Diamond MasterGraff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton Watch

The name Graff is a girl’s best friend, as are the incredible diamonds this company is well-known for. Graff Luxury Swiss Designer Watches Online are all about ‘Haute Horology’ though, featuring a luxurious combination of fine watchmaking and diamonds, with an impressive example being the Diamond MasterGraff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton, part of the company’s new men’s collections.

Take A Look At The ARTYA Butterfly Delicacy Tourbillon Watch

In 2012, ArtyA’s CEO and designer YvanArpa created the Son of Earth collection – and endowed it with the most beautiful and living things the Earth has to offer. One of the first designs in the line was the Butterfly. In January 2016 YvanArpa created ArtyA Complications.

Now, ArtyA brings some change and combines his butterfly dials, with one of watchmaking’s most traditional complications, its own high end flying tourbillion: Butterfly Delicacy Tourbillon 1/1.

Show You The Harry Winston Midnight GMT Tourbillon 45mm Case Watch

You can't buy it. Well technically you can, but you need to fly to Monaco in September and bid really high. This is Harry Winston's entry into the Only Watch 2011 charity auction that I keep profiling when new entries are released. Harry Winston's offering is this Midnight GMT Tourbillon (ref. 450/MATTZ45PL.A). The reason I am giving it extra attention is due to the way I feel it encapsulates much of what the modern Harry Winston watch brand is trying to be - and there will be just one piece.

Closer Look At The Luxury Girard Perregaux Esmeralda Tourbillon With Three Golden Bridges

The perfect Girard Perregaux Mens Watch Esmeralda Tourbillon measures 44 mm, and features a 14.3 mm diameter tourbillon carriage and a 10.5 mm diameter balance wheel. The overall look of the watch sings of high luxury and quality craftsmanship. Adequately sized, the dial features add to the visual spectacle. The size of the watch, the flashiness of the gold studded dial, and at times excessive decorations, like the words on the barrel wheel is definitely not features that one looks for in subtle luxury.