The Unusual Face Timers From Mr. Jones Watches

Unusual watch

Many people love watches, as watches stand for one’s status. A watch can make you look smart or elegant, different types of watches show different results, so it’s really important to choose a watch. However, my personal point of view is that we should choose the watches that we like. Rather than the swiss watches with the classic look, I really love the watches with the weird look. Haha, I’m weird too!

A collecion of unusual watches

And now, today I’m going to show you a new line of unusual and funny watches from the UK’s Mr. Jones Watches. This UK’s company has recently unveiled its new unusual collection, the Face Timers Collection.

Mr. Jones Watches is one of the weirdest watch makers on the world. However, no matter how weird and strange they are, people just love them. Like me, I really love the watches with the strange but lovely look. This Face Timers Collection is really lovely and stylish. Just like other Mr. Jones Watches, these watches is featured with the creativity and the interesting design. The Face Timers collection is inspired by The Last Laugh watch from Mr. Jones.

Most of these Face Timers watches are design by the local artists. The first one I want to mention is the “Moonhead” watch designed by Andrew Rae, based on his book name “Moonhead and the Music Machine.” This watch is not as weird as others, it’s elegant. The time is show by a small space capsule as the hour hand and the astronaut as the minute hand. It’s not at the bottom of the dial.

The Moonhead watch from The Face TimersThe Moonhead Back

I have to talk about this Laugh Now, Cry Later watch design by the British tattoo artist Adrian Willard. You can see a Day of Dead style skull on it. It’s inspired by The Last Laugh most. It’s colorful, and you can hardly see the time, but when you look closer, you can find the discs on the teeth are made to indicate the time.

The Laugh Now, Cry Later watch

Another one I want to introduce is the Analogon design by the UK artist Lucy Vigrass. Employ the Greek word "proportionate," it looks modern cause that it look like a robot. At the same time it’s also with a little simplicity, because that it didn’t use too much pattern, just some simple graph and colors. 

The Face Timers Analogon

The whole Face Timers collection is reasonably priced. However, they are limited. Each model just 20 pieces by different artists. All the cases measure at the diameter of 37mm and they’re in steel with a black PVD coating. The watches are triggered by the quartz movements and indicated the time with the discs. Many of the watches in this collection display the time at the bottom of the dial. This idea is really creative, right? And I really love it.