Unusual watches

Unusual Watches---Diesel DZ9044 No Face Black Label Premium Edition Watch

First there is a lot of faces, and today diesel has been doing a 180 having a watch without any faces whatsoever. Strangely, clocks for four time zones take root in to the side from the Diesel DZ9044. It is an unusual watch with no face. So, you should twist the face area or stick your arm straight out to be able to tell time. A man carrying out a Nazi salute in public places may be frowned upon.

Unusual Watches---Crossover Watch

Here introduce an unusual watch. Crossover Watch is really a contemporary design patterned after the overall game "pick up stix". Its elegant hands, that seem to be hazardously balanced, rotate round the dial. Crossover is really a modern watch with tapered whitened, gray and yellow hands. The second hand is yellow, the minute hand is whitened and also the hour hand is gray. Stick to the pointed finishes for that time!

The Unusual Face Timers From Mr. Jones Watches

Unusual watch

Many people love watches, as watches stand for one’s status. A watch can make you look smart or elegant, different types of watches show different results, so it’s really important to choose a watch. However, my personal point of view is that we should choose the watches that we like. Rather than the swiss watches with the classic look, I really love the watches with the weird look. Haha, I’m weird too!