Unusual Watches---Diesel DZ9044 No Face Black Label Premium Edition Watch

First there is a lot of faces, and today diesel has been doing a 180 having a watch without any faces whatsoever. Strangely, clocks for four time zones take root in to the side from the Diesel DZ9044. It is an unusual watch with no face. So, you should twist the face area or stick your arm straight out to be able to tell time. A man carrying out a Nazi salute in public places may be frowned upon.

This may be the timepiece for those who hate to become foreseeable. Where typically you’d anticipate finding timepieces face, the DZ9044 intriguingly features. You soon understand you can tell time with this particular watch by searching at its sides instead of its top. There you discover two small watches on each side, permitting you to definitely display four different time zones. Having a faceless identity this clever searching, plain and simple watch by Diesel may be the ultimate incognito watch.

Initially only at that dramatic designer watch from Diesel, you may request yourself in which the heck time is hiding. Then, you could have another to consider and reckon that you may press a control button for that time to appear behind the polished black face plate - after which you’d realize you will find no buttons.

Rather than telling time on its face, the Diesel DZ9044 features some small side-mounted watches that may concurrently tell amount of time in four time zones. While the position of the watch faces isn’t everything practical, it’s certainly a sensational design. This excellent watches is known as Diesel No Face or you like the Diesel DZ 9044. This luxury watch is built from durable solid stainless having a bold black ion-plated finish along with a matching black leather band.

This watch seems faceless to innocent bystanders, as well as the started, a furtive look in the side discloses dual faces for multiple time zones. Phone opposite edge discloses two more clock faces, for as many as four. Besides its unusual quartet of clocks allowing you to keep an eye on four places at the same time, this watch may be especially handy when you wish to privately look at the time without anybody discovering your eagerness. The stainless watch will come in either black or silver.

This distinctive new watch includes a solid black stainless plate, using the watch's four faces gone to live in the edges - two an item, one for reds with whitened faces, another with black. Include a black leather strap and water proofing, plus you've got an excellent-searching watch which will draw a lot more attention than most watches three occasions its cost.

The timepiece is built from durable solid stainless having a bold black ion-plated finish along with a matching black leather band, and it is water resistant as much as 10 ATM (about 330 ft). And when black isn’t your factor, browse the DZ9045, which has a shiny stainless face along with a brown leather band. Both DZ9044 and DZ9045 are suitable for $365 (USD).