Vacheron Constantin Mens Watches

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Boutique Watch

This is how Swiss Vacheron Constantin does America. Interestingly enough the prestigious Swiss watch brand has America to thank to a large degree for its success today. About 100 years ago the brand was doing very well here in the US and if you visit Vacheron Constantin's website there is a history section that discusses this. Recently VC opened up its first US boutique store in New York City.

Looking At The Vacheron Constantin Overseas New World Time Mode

The Vacheron Constantin Mens Watch centre features a “Lambert” projection map depicting the continents, oceans and a translucent lacquered disc bearing city names. A sapphire disc laid over the map provides day/night indications by subtly graded smoky tints. Finally, a translucent lacquered velvet-finished outer ring serves to indicate the time.