Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Boutique Watch

This is how Swiss Vacheron Constantin does America. Interestingly enough the prestigious Swiss watch brand has America to thank to a large degree for its success today. About 100 years ago the brand was doing very well here in the US and if you visit Vacheron Constantin's website there is a history section that discusses this. Recently VC opened up its first US boutique store in New York City.

As I just mentioned, these watches will be limited to 20 pieces only and available exclusively in the brand's new New York store. What happens if the boutique changes its location years from now? If that is the case then I think the watch will become even more of a collectible. It is almost amusing how the text on the back is vague. It is almost more fun this way than what you might expect such as "Limited Edition For America." Then you also have Vacheron Constantin's application of red, white, and blue on the dial -because you know, we like to honor the flag's colors in our wardrobe on a fairly regular basis.

This is actually one of these pieces announced as limited editions for the NYC boutique in 2011. Perhaps more will come in the future. I like the Overseas model because it is a sport watch. Not like an actual sport watch, but more like a guy wearing a monocle in a safari outfit sitting for afternoon tea. It suggests you do more than just wear three-piece suits. I do however anticipate that VC will be updating its Overseas watch in the near future. Just a guess....

At 42mm wide the watch here is in steel. Oddly enough watch brands have been pairing steel cases with high-end movements a lot lately. I don't really get it. Especially as they are not priced like steel watches. Sure the steel they use is nice, but it is inherently a cheap metal compared to white gold for example. Vacheron Constantin likes to say that this is the most complicated movement they have ever put in a steel Overseas watch. I believe them, and for the privilege of having one you'll pay around 60 grand.

Inside the watch is an in-house VC Calibre 1136 QP automatic. With a Swiss chronograph watch, perpetual calendar, and moon phase (along with the time), I am impressed by its only 228 parts. Usually watches this complicated have more parts. Don't be confused however, mechanically speaking the fewer parts a movement has the less prone to failure it is. I like how the hands and hour indicators stick out enough to have a high level of legibility on the dial. The functions are all contained within the four subdials that each have two displays inside of them. Attached to the watch is a blue alligator strap with a nice red lining. VC also includes a brown strap that should look nice.

As a limited edition Overseas model this Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Boutique New York timepiece is actually a lovely looking model. Limited to just 20 pieces it will no doubt prove hard to get and be rare. With the popularity of the brand these days I think they won't have too much trouble with the asking price of $57,900 - even though it is very expensive for a steel watch.