Vintage Watches

Vintage Rolex At the Parma Watch Show

Since many years I travel twice a year to Parma to meet up with great Italian collectors of vintage Rolex watches. Last weekend it was time again to see what is going on at the of vintage watches so important trade show. Many well known dealers are there for more then a week displaying their watches. Guys like Corrado, Roberto, Davide, Elvio, Luca, Fabio etc. etc. are present to show us their best pieces.

Vintage Watches---Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Large Date And Moon Phases

A simple change can produce a large difference. Take for instance, this Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Large Date and Moon Phases watch having a transparent dial. Girard-Perregaux added a gray-tinted "smoked" azure very towards the construction because the dial piece, that provides a view in to the movement in addition to a complete dial. This is not a skeletonized dial since the full dial remains, but instead a "transparent" form of the initial that provides an entirely change.

The Real Military Vintage Panerai---GPF 2/56 Big Egiziano

Panerai is known as the vintage watches. Many vintage Panerai enthusiasts love the gorgeous curvy lines of the Italian beauty. Panerai lately reissued an identical model named the PAM00341 Egiziano which Sylvester Stallone wears. Panerai Vintage Pieces (make reference to Panerai watches made between your many years of 1930-1956, not available to the civilian market) are accepted by Paneristi. 

Introducing the Brand New Corum Heritage Ingot Watch

Corum Heritage Ingot Dial

Corum, the brand that was formally established in 1955 by Gaston Reis and the nephew Rene Bannwart, maintained for their daring designs. Despite the fact that these were unafraid to test out complicated micro-mechanics it had been their nonconforming appearance which acquired them prestige.