Watches Under 100---Five best looking watches under $100

Just stick to classic styles, keep your expensive low, as well as your affordable watch won’t look starting as low as the cost. Listed here are five best searching watches under $100. You will find options in abundance. Watches vary in actions, materials used, band, display - dial & look, and purpose for example dress watches, sports watches, casual watches etc. Watches vary in cost range too. Because of so many options to select from, it isn't simple to select the best watch out for you. Fortunately you will find some carefully-crafted wrist watches available which are affordable, functional, and classy.

1.Techne Merlin + Strap Bundle $80 | Merlin Multi + Strap Bundle $100
A fascinating special in the watch brand Techne. Ships from Europe, as well as their website is a touch difficult to navigate, but it appears as though now you can get they’re awfully attractive Merlin or Merlin Multi Function for $100 or under as lengthy while you pick the strap bundle option. Sure. 38mm across, so, small. Seiko Quarta movement.

Techne Merlin + Strap Bundle

Merlin Multi + Strap Bundle

2.Seiko Solar Black Case Watch $93.43
Plenty of mean for less than $100. Impressive specs too. Photo voltaic powered, so no changing of batteries needed. 41mm so not huge, although not small either. 100m water proofing. Not to like this subtle geometric texture around the (stationary) bezel. A “murdered out” photo voltaic powered Seiko weekend workhorse.

Seiko Solar Black Case Watch

3.form function form Button Stud Timex Sport $94.00
A little bigger and the much more bold compared to FFF Button Stud Weekender. Four different watch dial/color options, and a lot of different leathers to select from. The FFF men got a lot of new leather stock in, and also the variety of shades is a little mind mind-numbing. You can loose a great slice of time for you to matching and mixing combinations.

form function form Button Stud Timex Sport

4.Citizen Eco-Drive Canvas Strap $87.00
The 37mm kid brother towards the 40mm chrono version (that is a fine investment at $135). Such as the Seiko, also photo voltaic powered. And also the Citizen Eco-Drive movement is awfully reliable. Leather lined eco-friendly canvas strap.

Citizen Eco-Drive Canvas Strap

5.Timex “Antiqued” Case 42mm in Black/Silver or Brown/Gold $45.90 ($70)
New that simply got marked lower included in the Nordstrom Anniversary purchase. 42mm situation is a great size for medium to bigger sized fellas. Demonstrates in both Men’s and Women’s section (so, it’s a unisex model). Only a 30 mm water proofing, however the cost is appropriate. Nice design using the interior 24-hour ring too.

Timex “Antiqued” Case 42mm in Black/Silver or Brown/Gold