Wood Watches

Wood Watches---Invicta Pro Diver Wood Watch

Some watches are wood, while some make use of the material for that dial, or any other aspects of the timepiece. Invicta has had wood and tried on the extender within their Professional Diver watch, for that "Professional Diver Wood" watch. You can observe that wood can be used because the center link within the bracelet, too for the dial.

Wood Watches---Kisai Night Vision Wood LED Watch

The minimal appearance of Kisai Night Vision Wood may have people wondering why your watch doesn't have hands. Press the button and will be revealed. LEDs hidden underneath the wood surface will stand out to show time. Readable instantly, the watch has time & date functions, a security along with a light-up animation. Made from natural wood, you can buy dark sandalwood or walnut with blue, red or green LEDs.

Valerii Danevych and His Amazing Wood Watches

Valerii Danevych Retrograde Tourbillon

Have you ever heard of Valerii Danevych and his wooden watches? Valerii Danevych, 46 years of age and born in Kiev, Ukraine, develops mechanical clocks and watches with as numerous wooden parts as you possibly can. Nowadays a master in joinery, the skill of woodworking literally including joining together bits of wood to create complex products, he built his first clock in 2005 with no horological background. Valerii has generated numerous clocks, watches and pencils to date, which several were displayed in the AHCI booth throughout Baselworld 2014.