Wood Watches---Kisai Night Vision Wood LED Watch

The minimal appearance of Kisai Night Vision Wood may have people wondering why your watch doesn't have hands. Press the button and will be revealed. LEDs hidden underneath the wood surface will stand out to show time. Readable instantly, the watch has time & date functions, a security along with a light-up animation. Made from natural wood, you can buy dark sandalwood or walnut with blue, red or green LEDs.

Kisai Night Vision Wood is the simplest to see watches from Tokyoflash Japan. Have a look in the diagram around the right. Hours are proven within the outer ring within the same position as hours on the clock, the flashing light within the ring signifies the present hour. Minutes are proven electronically within the center. The date is proven in the same manner, touch the low button and also the month is going to be proven within the outer ring and also the date electronically within the center.

To learn more, have a look in the video demonstration below. A PDF instruction is featured in this article including more in depth information. Kisai Night Vision Wood continues to be carefully constructed from 100% natural wood in very limited amounts. Certainly one of its most engaging features may be the laminated watch face that is recessed from the distinctively formed case.

The watch comes with an adjustable strap and weighs in at just 60 grams, a light-weight watch design appropriate for small and enormous arms. Like several wood watches from Tokyoflash Japan, an obvious coating continues to be put on Kisai Night Vision Wood for defense and sturdiness.

Kisai Night Vision Wood is really a USB rechargeable watch. To recharge, connect with your pc using the USB cable provided. One full charge will require 3.5 hours and every charge should last 1 month. You will find 300 charges in a single battery and also the standard LIR2032 battery is exchangeable. An easy-up animation continues to be designed into Kisai Night Vision Wood which may be triggered to illuminate once every fifteen minutes between 6pm and midnight.

The Tokyoflash Kisai Night Vision Wood Brought Watch doesn't have hands, and appears completely blank when switched off. Its LCD screen is hidden beneath its wooden surface. They stand out to show time. It's all of the usual functions, having a light-up animation. You may choose between dark sandalwood or walnut, and blue, red, or green LEDs. 

Reading through time is remarkably straightforward. The hour is outlined by its absence in the Brought circle, as the minutes are really displayed in stylized amounts. The watch is readable, when you are the machine. The $109 (USD) launch cost for that Kisai Evening Vision watch is nice until just 10pm Eastern Time tonight, then point its cost will increase to the normal retail cost.